Wow, we just became landowners!

Us in front of our future home

After two years of searching, we finally signed the papers at exactly 12:28 in the city of Lleida. We are now proud landowners of land with a beautiful little stone house.

We had fallen in love with this house 6 months ago already. It is the one we almost lost hope on. The negotiation was not easy but in the end, everything turned out fine.

Now we can finally say:

“We just signed the contracts to purchasing a beautiful piece of land south of Lleida in Catalonia!”

The house has two great looking arches inside and the walls are made of stone and massive rock.

The roof is in a bad state and we will have to build it completely anew. But that’s fine because we will add a good layer of insulation in the process and change the slope to the north to collect the rainwater.

Because of the massive walls and because it is already halfway buried, the temperature is bearable inside, despite the missing roof insulation. We are totally convinced that thermal mass and thermal inertia are vital to a self-sustainable home.

Today, we celebrate.

But we cannot rest. We now face the challenge of restoring the house and make it livable.

Next week we want to talk to potential contractors and get a time and cost estimation. By February 2020, we want to get the certificate stating that the place is habitable.

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