We are moving closer to our goals

Lots of stuff to take with into the new flat

We are figuratively and literally moving closer to where we want to be. It’s been a week now that we packed our things and moved into a flat very nearby to our future home.

This way, we are right where the action is happening. No more 1.5 hour long drives back and forth. No more wasting fossil fuels more than necessary.

Moving is hard

Although our flat was small, we packed a lot of things. It’s always surprising how much stuff we manage to accumulate. And we think that we already live on mostly on the necessary.

Our cats Crispy and Pita also had to undergo some stress. The drive was not easy, staying in their boxes all the time. Crispy seemed to be really brave in the car and endured the inconvenience. But Pita really wanted to get out.

When we arrived, they were curious at first but quickly discovered a hiding spot under the kitchen counter and stayed there until the evening.

We tried to make it as easy as possible for them. So we prepared them with pheromones and flower extracts the weeks before. We think it helped. They quickly settled in and now seem to be happier than they were before. More space, yay!

What about our jobs?

We are very lucky that we are able to keep our jobs, both of us are able to work from home. Thank you digital age!

But we hope not to stay all too long in the new flat. We are still waiting for the building permits to go through. Then things should be unfolding quickly.

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