Cleaning up – Part II

Tidy room

The Last time we went to our house, we could not finish cleaning up the insides. This is part II of the cleaning operation.

This weekend we went there with Sara’s sister, her boyfriend and their two big dogs Trufa and Pintxu. After a nice lunch at a local restaurant, we arrived to the land.

It was their first visit and they loved it! Especially Trufa and Pintxu, who enjoyed running in the open field.

While they were enjoying the countryside, Sara and I went to the first task on the list: installing a lock on the door. It’s not a high-security one but it will be sufficient. After all, we are not storing valuable items in the house yet and this door will be temporary as we are going to renew the front wall soon.

Cleaning up the rooms

We also brought a shovel and a wheelbarrow to be able to get out all the dirt that was still inside. David and Laura were now helping us too.

After a few hours, we managed to separate all the broken roof shingles from the dirt. The sleeping room had a lot of dirt, I would even call it compost! The pine tree shed quite a lot. I think we had to do 6 to 8 rounds with the wheelbarrow to get it all out. And another 6 to 8 rounds for all the broken shingles and bricks from the roof.

David was a real machine and worked without breaking a sweat. Laura said that he saw it as a workout. And I have to agree, my muscles are sore as of writing to you today. I think I just got a little stronger, too.

Collecting cans and bottles for our walls

One element of Earthships we like is the can and bottle walls. We certainly want to use recycled materials instead of conventional bricks. So we are collecting them. Luckily some careless people left a lot of their empty glass bottles around. Laura and David even found 3 big bags worth of bottles on their walk.

We saved what was salvageable and took the rest to the green dumpster at night.

Glass bottles piled up against the wall

Trimming the pine tree

There are two big pine trees right next to the house. One of them takes the liberty to rest some of its branches onto the roof. The weight has been destroying the roof little by little. We had to cut the branches off!

Luckily we got a very handy saw that allows us to cut safely from a distance.

Room full of pine tree branches

Grand finale of the day

Panorama of the sunset

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