Things are progressing

The town hall called Sara to discuss how we pay taxes on the build. Surprised by this question, she asked whether that meant that we got the permits, because we hadn’t heard anything yet. The woman on the other side of the phone responded: “Well… when I call to talk about the taxes, that usually means that the permit has been granted!”

Totally excited, Sara then called me to tell me and a few hours later we got the official letter. We have got our building permits!

What’s going to happen now?

We called Gonzalo, our potential contractor and asked when he could start. He said that he would be available after Christmas the earliest. So basically next year. We hope that then, we will advance quickly.

Our bank account will also be quickly drained; this is what we saved for, but hopefully there will be something left after the build.

We will keep you updated, now that change is happening.

But we didn’t do nothing while we were waiting. See our next post on what has happened on the land.

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