Nobody said that it’s going to be easy

As we already mentioned before, we were waiting for getting the building permits to renovate our house. We got told that it should be easy to get it but as it turns out, it’s not that easy.

Regulations differ from region to region, and where we live, things are more difficult. Turns out that our house is not registered…

Not registered, what?

All is not lost. The officials of the town hall stated that we need to legalize the house first. This struck us as strange because when we bought the house, we declared it to the state. It’s just not registered with the region.

What we have to do now is to undergo the whole process of legalizing the house. That means we have to go through a comprehensive project, hire an architect and have some studies performed. Such as the environmental impact of the build. I am curious to see what this includes.

In the end, it will delay the finishing of our house and we will have to spend more money than we’d like. But we are not very surprised either.

It’s funny that it’s deliberately made hard to build a home in the countryside, especially in Catalunya.

At the same time, towns all over Spain are losing their inhabitants and turn into ghost towns.

Of course, those laws have recent historical reasons. Remember the Spanish property bubble?

Nobody said that it’s going to be easy. But we are far from giving up yet. We feel that this is the right place for us to live and it’s worth fighting for.

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