Going plastic free

Plastic trash in a trash bag - "Wasted Stare" by Erich Ferdinand is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This week is the week of boycotting plastic packaging. For this reason, a few colleagues and I compiled a list of suggestions how to avoid plastic. I think that it’s important to share, so I want to bring it out of my work environment into the public. Obviously, some of the suggestions are specific to Barcelona/Spain but […]

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Going nuts for wash nuts!

A hand full of wash nuts

In recent years it’s becoming more and more popular to use natural products – “Say no to chemicals! They hurt you and the planet!“ When you research a little bit, you can find all sorts of natural alternatives. Today, I want to present you wash nuts. What are wash nuts They are also known as soap nuts […]

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Do the dishes, honey!

A pile of clean dishes drying on the rack

A lot of drama revolves around doing the dishes. Who enjoys doing them? Maybe you are lucky to call yourself the owner of a dishwasher. Regardless, they need to be done. I am not the lucky one. You know, there’s actually a pile of dishes waiting for me right now. But that’s okay, I somehow like doing […]

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