2020 – the craziest year so far

Rural stone house

Things happened in the last five months that nobody would have considered possible. We have seen devastating wild fires, the threat of a new world war, a global pandemic, governments handling crisis very questionably, and now violent race riots in the US.

Against all odds, the build continued

Luckily, neither of us lost our jobs during the lockdown. We feel for those who did and hope that humanity will recover from this shock soon.

Because of the lockdown we could not go to our house anymore. But fortunately, our contractor was still allowed to continue building and we were still able to pay him.

Every once in a while he would send us pictures of the progress. It was very exciting to see how our house was taking shape.

Right after the Spanish government loosened the rules, we drove there to see it in person. The first thing we noticed was how massive now the front of our house is. It’s almost like a little castle!

Rural stone house

While it’s already getting hot outside, it’s chilly inside. Our contractor even told us, that when he took a short nap after lunch, he had to cover himself because it got a little cold. All this without any air conditioning – thermal inertia in action!

Almost no survivors

Baby Honey Locust
Our tough baby Honey Locust

Just a month before the lock down, we planted some seeds of various pioneer species of trees. And just as the first started to sprout, the pandemic hit Spain and things escalated quickly.

Because we couldn’t go and take care of the little saplings, most of them died. I was hoping that the rain could keep them going but the chances were slim. I could only rescue 5 survivors out of 300 expected saplings.

At least we kept 50% of the seeds, and we will surely try again next season.

What’s next?

The construction worker has only two tasks left: installing the septic tank and cleaning up. Then we take over.

The first step will be building a wall between our future bathroom and kitchen and also the bedroom wall.

Then we’ll proceed with the plumbing. Everything is planned out, we already bought the tubes and fittings.

The last step for Phase I will be a very simple electric system: 1 solar panel powering a single lightbulb would be enough.

With this, we should be able to acquire the licence to inhabit the house – the final hurdle.

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