Nobody said that it’s going to be easy

As we already mentioned before, we were waiting for getting the building permits to renovate our house. We got told that it should be easy to get it but as it turns out, it’s not that easy. Regulations differ from region to region, and where we live, things are more difficult. Turns out that our house is […]

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We are moving closer to our goals

Lots of stuff to take with into the new flat

We are figuratively and literally moving closer to where we want to be. It’s been a week now that we packed our things and moved into a flat very nearby to our future home. This way, we are right where the action is happening. No more 1.5 hour long drives back and forth. No more wasting fossil […]

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Cleaning up – Part II

Tidy room

The Last time we went to our house, we could not finish cleaning up the insides. This is part II of the cleaning operation. This weekend we went there with Sara’s sister, her boyfriend and their two big dogs Trufa and Pintxu. After a nice lunch at a local restaurant, we arrived to the land. It was […]

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All you need to know about Catching rainwater

Watering can in the rain

This article will be extended over time with more information. Be sure to check back soon or subscribe as we will add more soon. It all starts with climate First, you need to analyze, how much precipitation (P) you can expect for each month. The website is a great resource to find out how much rain […]

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Wow, we just became landowners!

Us in front of our future home

After two years of searching, we finally signed the papers at exactly 12:28 in the city of Lleida. We are now proud landowners of land with a beautiful little stone house. We had fallen in love with this house 6 months ago already. It is the one we almost lost hope on. The negotiation was not easy […]

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Going plastic free

Plastic trash in a trash bag - "Wasted Stare" by Erich Ferdinand is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This week is the week of boycotting plastic packaging. For this reason, a few colleagues and I compiled a list of suggestions how to avoid plastic. I think that it’s important to share, so I want to bring it out of my work environment into the public. Obviously, some of the suggestions are specific to Barcelona/Spain but […]

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We have been on the land hunt again

Screenshot of our Land Hunt map in Google

Every once in a while, when we collected a day’s worth of visits, we go on our land hunt. This weekend, we have made our way to the regions of El Pla de Santa Maria and for the fourth time to the south of Lleida. After having a good breakfast early in the morning we left with […]

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